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Mental Health Tips

The outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19 has had an impact on many people around the world. It is understandable that during these times, people may be feeling overwhelmed. While it is important to stay informed, the following are some mental health and wellbeing tips and strategies to continue looking after ourselves and each other during these difficult times. 

 For Children

  • Find Creative ways to have fun at home. This might be crafty activities like creating paper aeroplanes or something physical like creating your own choreography to your favorite song!
  • Enjoy spending extra time with your family. Use this time at home together to do more family activities, don’t forget the family pet! 
  • Mindfulness activities - Take some time in your day to spend doing quiet, calming activities like drawing, reading or yoga. 
  • Remote Learning: See this time as a new opportunity to learn differently for a while.  

 For Parents

  • Manage your exposure to media coverage as this can increase feelings of fear and anxiety. Be mindful of sources of information and ensure you are accessing good quality and accurate information. We have provided some links below.
  • Follow a “calm yet cautious” approach – do your best to remain calm and be mindful not to contribute to the widespread panic that can hinder efforts to positively manage the outbreak. Ensure you are following directives issued by the government, medical advice and observe good hygiene habits.
  • Actively manage your wellbeing by maintaining routines where possible, connect with family and friends (even if not in person), staying physically active, eating nutritious foods and seeking additional support by contacting Lifeline or further professional support as required. 
  • Use some of this time productively - Self isolation can feel challenging, but it might help to see it as an opportunity to get around to doing some of those jobs that you always put off. Could it be time to get the children to help you sort through their toys and decide what can be passed on, recycled or donated to charity?

 For Families

  • Use technology to connect - Take advantage of technology where possible during this time of social distancing. Think of creative ways to stay connected with others, including social media, email and phone.
  • Most importantly, try and relax - While it’s good to find things to do with kids at home, it’s not OK if it wears you out completely. Do what feels right for you and your family.
  • Maintain perspective - Remember that your effort is helping others in the community avoid contracting the virus.

 For Staff 

  • Keep in contact with colleagues - Remind yourself that you are not alone during this time. Get in contact and check in with those that are in the same situation. 
  • Create your own work space - For those working from home, try to maintain a healthy balance by allocating specific work hours, taking regular breaks and, if possible, establishing a dedicated work space.

Resources and links

Autism Little Learners offers some great child-freiendly resources to talk about COVID related matters 

Red Cross Australia Talking to Kids about COVID-19

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