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Whole School Plan of Learning Entitlement

At Lumen Christi we have developed a WHOLE SCHOOL PLAN FOR LEARNING ENTITLEMENT. As a school we recognise that we have a responsibility to create the conditions in which a high quality curriculum is enacted, expert teaching is developed and all students achieve targeted progress over time. Our WSPLE is a school based plan for delivering the Victorian Curriculum, and reflects local resources, expertise and contexts, and allows for specialisation and innovation.

Our WSPLE requires the input of all staff and is not the responsibility of the individual teacher as this leaves entitlement to chance. We recognise that we are educating the whole child across many years of schooling so our WSPLE is designed as a continuum of learning. Entitlement is dependant on thorough planning and it is essential that staff have a deep familiarity with the curriculum.

The construct of our WHOLE SCHOOL PLAN OF LEARNING ENTITLEMENT follows a deliberate path taking into account federal & state accountabilities, diocesan goals and our own local context.

The National School Improvement Tool [ACER] provides the following statement reinforcing the validity of our goal of implementing a known, systematic and comprehensive curriculum for all students at Lumen Christi.

“The school has a coherent, sequenced plan for curriculum delivery that ensures consistent teaching and learning expectations and a clear reference for monitoring learning across the year levels. The plan, within which evidence-based teaching practices are embedded, and to which assessment and reporting procedures are aligned, has been developed with reference to the Australian Curriculum or other approved curriculum and refined collaboratively to provide a shared vision for curriculum practice. This plan is shared with parents and families.” Section 6: Systematic Curriculum Delivery

Beginning with our school vision ‘BELIEVE, ACHIEVE, SUCCEED … TOGETHER’ we developed our Learning Design Principles with the core statement being: “Every teacher makes every minute count for every child”.

Working alongside these key local statements is the mandated Victorian Curriculum. As part of WSPLE we have further explored the Victorian Curriculum constructing personalised documentation for Lumen Christi including:

  •  Victorian Curriculum Planners
  • Two-Year Cycle and Time Allocation documents
  • Lumen Christi Curriculum Policies and
  • Various Planning Templates

As a school we have chosen to utilise the online platforms available to the Catholic Education System for our curriculum planning. The Google Apps for Education (GAFE) environment allows our staff to plan collaboratively and for our curriculum documents to be evaluated and modified easily. The use of these technologies by staff ensures they are at the forefront of the technology we are expecting our students to be competent consumers of.