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Our Staff


Leadership Team:
Principal- Mrs Sally Darby
Learning Adjustment Learder- Miss Kristie Smith
Whole School Approach to Positive Behaviour and Assesment- Miss Elly Smith
Religious Education Leader- Mrs Janelle Szkwarek 
School Admin- Miss Zahli Charlton ( Mon + Tues)
School Finance- Mrs Janelle Breheny ( Mon-Fri)
School Chaplin- Mrs Catherine Campbell
Classroom Teachers: 
F/1- Miss Kristie Smith (Mon- Weds) + Mrs Anna Fahey (Thurs + Fri)
2/3- Mr Nathan Power (Mon-Weds + Fri) + Mrs Kylie Yeates- Thurs
3/4- Mr James Mulry (Mon-Fri)
4/5- Miss Elly Smith (Mon-Fri)
6- Ms Sue Ensor (Mon + Tues) + Miss Joanna Watson (Weds- Fri)
Specialist Teachers:
PE- Ms Sue Ensor (Thurs+ Fri)
Auslan- Mrs Kristien Travers (Weds)
Music- Mrs Janelle Szkwarek (Weds)
Visual Arts - Mrs Anna Fahey (Tues)
Library- Mrs Lauren Wilson (Mon +Tues)
Education Support Staff:
F/1- Mrs Heather Moir 
2/3- Mrs Catherine Campbell 
3/4- Miss Julie Witnish 
4/5- Miss Zahli Charlton + Miss Charli Rohde
6- Miss Charli Rohde