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Onsite Student Attendance

As per State Government guidelines, schools are offering parents the service of allowing students to attend onsite supervision if they meet meet certain criteria.

These can be identified as either:

(a) Essential Workers that cannot work from home and there is no other supervision option available eg.another parent or emergency contact

(b) The child is deemed as vulnerable as per DHHS direction.

To facilitate the organisational considerations of having the school open as a workplace we need parent support in only requesting onsite supervision in extreme cases, and for the students to only attend for the shortest time possible eg.once you are not working you must collect your child immediately.  We understand that this probably means leaving and collecting children at different times throughout the day.

By having tight guidelines around attendance we are reducing the numbers of both students and staff onsite and therefore reducing the risk factors around the site being into forced lockout due to close-contact isolation directions by DHHS.

It is critical that the school has sufficient notice of any students attending onsite.  We ask parents to complete this form weekly to indicate their need for onsite attendance.  The below request form will be available up until 10am on Friday for parents to notify the school of their exact needs for the upcoming week.

Please complete the booking form details to register your child for Onsite Attendance during Remote Learning.  All students must be pre-registered.

This booking form is available until Friday 10am of the week prior which allows the school to coordinate staffing.

Confirmation of registration will be provided once registrations have closed and staffing has been organised.

Onsite Attendance is only STRICTLY available where Essential Workers are able to provide evidence that they cannot work from home.

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